Neurosurgery & Politics

Fate as a whole took control of the formation and direction of Dr. Abusalih’s life. Beginning with the “Khalwa” or Quranic School and leading up to the School of Medicine contrary to his initial desire, this journey unfolds. Neither were the choices of specialization in Surgery or Neurosurgery premeditated, but rather the propulsion of a sequence of events. He went on to excel in his course of studies and practice only to be bestowed with the honor of founding the first Neurosurgery Department in the Sudan. This grew and blossomed into a mentoring and teaching grounds for several generations. From these grounds sprung-forth more reputable Neurosurgeons some of whom remained in the country and others who ventured beyond.

Throughout the years Dr. Abusalih’s commitment to practicing Neurosurgery was relentless. He denied himself the luxuries of vacations and time-off that you and I may take for granted while answering the calls of those in need. These calls had no rhyme or reason spanning all hours of the day and night and materializing in the most inopportune and unpredictable occasions. In spite of this, his determination and dedication never wavered.
Sculptured in the message, practices of culture of Islam, a beacon was ignited. It became a focal point and intricate part of the doctor’s objectives. Within it, the inspiration to live, practice, reflect and defend all that Islam represents became a cornerstone of his existence.
Intolerant to injustices committed by human against another; when encountered, Dr. Hussein Abusalih was and still is repulsed by any violation of a person’s humanity or rights. This applied to no one group regardless to their relationship, age stature, gender or creed. Giving rise to an internal quivering anger, it initiated the need and strives to right the wrong. This strive still spans space and time across array of venues in life.
The Doctor’s personality has been described by some as different, or more accurately unpredictable. In one instance the best analogy he would be as fine and gentle as a cool summer’s breeze when caring for his patients and tending to their wellbeing. In another it could be paralleled to a very strict personality with very little tolerance for mistakes or negligence in the care of his patients by their caregivers.
Besides his dedication to his profession as a Pioneer of Neurosurgery in Sudan; Country and Faith occupy a special place in Dr. Abusalih’s heart. It’s evident that it became part of his mission in life, and he has made it a duty to work relentlessly serving the best interests of the people.

One of his greatest accomplishments is the role he played in the early eighties when he jointly led and fought for freedom and for ridding the country from the grasp of the dictatorship of the May Regime. Dr. Abusalih also played a key role in establishing “The Election Laws-2005”, and thus paving the way for true democracy in Sudan.
While serving his country, Dr. Abusalih kept firm in his faith and beliefs and defended Islam tirelessly at all times and through all venues.
Being raised in Al-Mawrada, Dr. Abusalih grew in a neighborhood surrounded by Sufis including Al-Adarisah, Al-Qadiriyyah, Al-Sammaniyah and other Sufis. This has in turn played a significant role in shaping his character engulfing it with simplicity-humbleness and tolerance. Later on in his life he grew very close to Sheikh Mohammed Utham Abdu Al-Burhani, a relationship that took special place in Dr. Abusalih’s heart.
These are just a few highlights of Dr. Abusalih’s life and his career; you will find more details as you navigate through the web pages.
Dr. Mohammed Hussein Abusalih
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